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Bas de Graaf

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Joris van Elk


Joris van Elk

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André Dammers

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We are a collective.

So the only real address we have is a web address.

But if you want to change the world

and are in need of a world changing idea to reveal it,

if you want to participate or want to support us,

please drop us a line.




We care a lot

We care a lot.

That’s why we collaborate.

To give what has been gifted to us.

For free.

For some cases need to be seen.

And deserve the extra mile.

Of course we do this for the good cause.

Why not showcase our skills?

And share what can happen

If the heart beats the wallet.

Project # 4:


During the Corna crisis a couple of students from Delft started a welcome initiative:

A bulletin board for people who either are willing to offer their services to people
in need, or people who are in need for help with ordinary problems that suddenly seemed impossible for them to do during this global crisis.

Once launched the amount of volunteers was overwhelming,
but people in need of help were still hesitating. So we started a campaing
to simplify the service.

We stripped down the communication to  simple messages by showing oridinary
people strugling with ordinary questions. In this way all barriers were taken away.

Project # 3:

Black Friday

Especially last year, retailers in The Netherlands have discovered

the phenomena Black Friday: the day which has been regarded

as the beginning of Christmas shopping season in America.


Not only a special reason to start pushing sales,

but also a special moment for Ctaste to create some awareness.


Let's be honest: if there is anyone who can truly claim Black Friday,

it's the restaurant where you are able to dine in complete darkness.

Not only on Friday, but on any given day!

Project # 2:
Top 2000

The Top 2000 is a well known phenomenon in The Netherlands.

But 'times they are a changing' and even a phenomenon

like this, which is highly popular amongst a group of older listeners

 needed an extra boost on social media to stay in touch with

a more younger target group

As the NPO is a public service and advertising budgets are

resticted to a minimum, they were in need of a clever low budget idea.

By transforming numbers on the list into the logos from the band who
perform that special song we created an online social media and
offline poster campaign that teased the mind of the viewer., resulting in over 70 designs that captured the essence of TOP 2000.


'The name is the game' ran for only 5 days
while the list was aired live on radio at the end of the year.

Project # 1:


Ctalents makes a difference.

By helping blind people reintegrate and giving them a perspective

on a real job for real companies.

With a special training programme they support blind people,

resulting in having 50 participants already outsourced to

a variety of companies.


One of the training programmes is CtheCity.

A unique tour at Amsteldijk 52, where people,

under the accompaniment of blind guides,

can experience the city without sight themselves.

This will not only give people an insight into living without sight,

it also gives the blind guides a re-socialising training

to prepare them for working in a social required environment.

When Bas de Ruiter (founder Ctalents) asked us for help

we replied with a question.

Can your people help us make art for an outdoor campaign?

Can they show us how they experience the city without sight?

In other words:

can they help us to see the city through the eyes of the blind.


An idea was born, resulting in an intense painting session,

a film, a website, twelve unique paintings,

a fullblown outdoor campaign through Amsterdam, an exhibition

and as the future will tell, hopefully many visitors to CtheCity.



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Project #4

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